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Call: 888-507-5459

OTT & Pre-Roll Advertising Services:


OTT (Over the Top) advertising services are digital advertising services that deliver your video ads to viewers who are streaming TV programs and movies via the internet. These services allow you to reach highly engaged audiences and provide more targeted and measurable advertising opportunities.

OTT & Pre-Roll Advertising Services:


Your ads can be shown on all the major channels, plus over 1000 additional streaming channels. PLUS, your ad can be shown on all the major websites as pre-roll ads, including local news stations and major websites. Your ads will be shown on the channel and website your ideal customer is watching.


Show your ads only to your ideal target market. No more wasted budget delivering ads to people that are not your ideal customer.


Your ads will be shown to your ideal customer no matter what streaming channel they are watching.


Convert more viewers into new customers/clients with the combined power of pinpoint targeting and reach.

Grow Your Business With OTT & Pre-Roll Advertising Services

OTT advertising (over-the-top advertising) has become increasingly popular as it allows businesses to target specific audiences more effectively. This is because it lets businesses reach viewers who have cut the cord on traditional TV and are consuming content on streaming platforms. By using OTT advertising, you can deliver your message to a highly targeted audience while also receiving real-time data analytics on consumer behavior and ad performance. Additionally, OTT advertising offers numerous methods for targeting including demographic data, location-based targeting, and devices used for streaming. By using this data to segment their audience, we can create more effective ad campaigns that reach the right people at the right time.

Overall, OTT advertising can help your business grow by providing more targeted and personalized advertising at a more affordable cost compared to traditional TV advertising. It allows you to engage a wide range of customers across various age groups on digital platforms, thereby effectively increasing brand awareness and sales. By leveraging the benefits of OTT advertising, you can reach potential customers with messages that are relevant and engaging, increasing the likelihood of conversion and establishing their brand as a thought leader in their industry.

More Calls from Local Searchers

More Leads And More Customers

Be Found in More Search Engines

More Organic Traffic

Websites That Convert More

Your time is precious. If there were 30 hours in a day instead of 24, you could invest that extra time becoming a master of digital marketing on top of already being an amazing business owner. But, let’s face it, the days aren’t getting any longer and of all your resources, time is the most scarce. What you need is a partner or maybe just a new partner. A digital marketing partner focused 100% on small business marketing that allows you to focus on doing what you do best.


OTT & Pre-Roll Case Studies

Raise Awareness

Reach Potential New Clients For Personal Injury Law Firm

OTT & Pre-Roll

Target potential new clients that are actively looking for a personal injury law firm.


  • 217,000 Targeted Views in the Local Area across over 500 media placements, including local and national TV stations.
  • 99% Completed view rate (almost everyone watched the entire video ad)
modern tech solutions legal advertising services

The more reviews you have on Google, the better. You have the ability to request a review from your customers instantly from the Dashboard or your new Mobile App.

Follow a couple steps, and your customers will receive a Text Message and Email from you, asking to leave a review.

PLUS, we will automatically follow up with your customer several times over the next few days just to make sure they leave you a review.

People are coming to your website every day. Want to convert more of them into leads?

With your new AI Marketing Suite, we will install a Website Chat Widget on your website, allowing your website visitors to instantly message you.

You will receive a notification that you have a new lead so that you can instantly follow up with them through the mobile app or your desktop dashboard.

Your lead will then receive your follow-up directly on their phone as a text message! 

Plus, the lead is now in your marketing suite, so you can follow up with them over text at any time!

Adding a chat widget to your website has proven to increase website visitors into leads by 20%+ !!!

Ever find yourself jumping from email, to text message, to Facebook Messenger, to Google Messages, etc,.. trying to answer all the questions coming in from leads and customers?

No worries. Your new AI Marketing Suite centralizes all of your messages into one centralized Conversation Hub! You can check every message in one place, PLUS respond to every message in one place.

No more jumping from account to account, platform to platform, hoping that you have responded to everyone. 

Never Miss another message with the Conversation Hub.

It is proven, that if a business does not follow up with a lead in the first 5 minutes, your chances of converting that lead into a customer drops by at least 90%!

We get it, you are busy running your business. Things come up. Staffing is hard to come by. That’s why we created the 5-Minuted Lead Followup Automation. A done-for-you, automate lead followup system!

The AI Marketing Suite follows up with every new lead in the first 5 minutes with a Text and Email to make sure you have the highest chance of converting that lead into a customer. 

The best part, you don’t have to do anything. We do it all for you, on auto-pilot, and you get notified as soon as the lead comes in!

Customers are calling you every day, and sometimes things come up and you cannot answer that call, which results in losing the lead.

With the new Missed Call Text Back System, we will automatically text the caller back, letting them know that you are sorry you missed their call, and that you will be getting back to them ASAP. The message also asks what you can help them with.

This alone can prevent leads from jumping to your competition

And again, you will be notified of the new lead so that you can follow up with them ASAP. All on auto-pilot.

Is your business listed in all of the top online directories like Google, Yelp, Apple Maps, Bing Maps, Trip Advisor, Amazon Alexa, etc?

And is all of the information accurate at all times?

The AI Marketing Suite can list your business in 100+ online directories, and keep your business information updated.

This will help improve your Google ranking and reputation.

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